It is all about angels!

Have you ever noticed that everything looks different at different angles?

It is all how you look at things

This picture is a perfect illustration of that.  It appears that the man is eating a woman, but it is all about angles – and so it is the same with life.

We all experience problems in our life’s, but some people just seem to cope better than others.  I believe it is because they way they persevere the problem.  It is my opinion that people with little or no emotional inelegance  weather emotional problems better than those individuals that are more in tune with their surroundings and feelings.

It takes a active decision to remember to look at a problem from all angels till you find one that aids in digesting the problem at hand.

Like all life skills, it takes practice to perfect it, and one must be causes not to let human nature (laziness) take over.

So readers, keep on 360 looking!

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